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STEM @ Work Day

It is very important for us at NE FIRST to keep our community engaged during this pandemic and we've realized the importance of applying what we've learned from FIRST to the real world. That's why this November we assembled some of FIRST's most dedicated mentors and supporters in New England to help inspire what it means to put STEM to work. What a blast!

If you missed the great presentations live, everything was recorded to help our community take advantage of the lessons learned all season long:

Sessions included:

  • Leveraging 4-H as a Robotics Team presented by Jennifer Cushman (UConn 4-H) & Sam Spain

  • Additive Manufacturing presented by Tyler Beaudoin

  • Scouting isn’t Hard presented by Francis O’Rourke

  • IGUS Usage In FRC Robots presented by Andrew Reid

  • Volunteering for Anyone presented by Sam Spain

  • Strategies for Financial Sustainability and Operating a Team on a Budget presented by Patrick Steger

  • 10 Tips to Make Your Team Shine on Social presented by Jim Gorham

  • Leveraging FIRST In College Admissions presented by Vera Grek

  • Topics for FRC Robot Programmers presented by Brad Miller & WPIlib Developers

Alumni Panel – To Your Future & Beyond (pictured above) moderated by Namira Quadir with panelists:

  • Brian Belley - FRC 1277

  • Kyle Henry - FRC 839

  • Kim Eckhardt - FRC 176

Women in STEM Panel moderated by Manisha Rajaghatta with panelists:

  • Kristen Hurley - BAE Systems

  • Danielle Iorio - Comcast

  • Yeshi Soleti - Lockheed Martin

Makers & Manufacturers Panel moderated by Manisha Rajaghatta with panelists:

  • Hans Scharler - Mathworks

  • Emily Roundy - Collins Aerospace

  • Dean Schifliti - BAE Systems

  • Gaby Waldman - Autodesk

A huge thank you to all of our presenters, panelists, speakers and volunteers!


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