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Get Involved


FIRST programs are meant for students in all grades, Pre-K through high school.. It's never too late to find a program near you! All skills and levels of expertise are welcome and needed: you can learn as you go or bring your current interests and hobbies to the next level. 

Industry Professionals

The unique value-add of the FIRST programs is the connection of students to adult mentors from all professional backgrounds. Teams need the expertise of engineers, project managers, marketing experts, designers, programmers and more. Volunteering in the short- and long-term helps!

STEM Enthusiasts

Mentoring or coaching a FIRST team, or volunteering at a FIRST event, requires only time and interest. Learn "on the job" and leverage your own hobbies and skills to have the greatest impact on today's youth.


If your child is excited about all things science and technology, the FIRST programs are perfect for them. Many parents love the programs so much that they become volunteers themselves. Find the right program and see if your school offers a team.


FIRST students are excellent interns and employees, showing significant gains in workforce skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Supporting the program by sponsoring events, teams and employee volunteers is a win-win for your company's future.

FIRST Alumni

You already know how much of an impact being part of a FIRST team can have . . . you lived it! Whether you study in NE, just moved here or have always called it home, stay involved and make new connections.


FIRST programs are an excellent after-school activity and can even fit well into a curriculum. The goal is for students to grow their critical thinking, coding and design skills, as well as their love of STEM subjects. School teams often need a teacher to act as a club leader or coach.

School Administrators

FIRST pairs the excitement of varsity sports with hands-on robotics experiences for all ages. Bringing a FIRST team to your school is one of the easiest ways to show a commitment to STEM or STEAM programming. Learn more about what it takes for your school or district.

Inquiring Minds

With five program types spanning hundreds of teams in all six New England states, we have a lot to take in and understand! If you just want to chat with us about what is the right way to learn more or get involved, please reach out:

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