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Start a Team

FIRST teams are designed to be a classroom or extracurricular experience to engage young minds in the wonders of STEM education. Schools, community groups, after-school programs and even families can host FLL Explore, FLL Challenge, FIRST Tech Challenge, or FIRST Robotics Competition teams.

We encourage those looking for a team to contact local schools, libraries, or youth organizations that may have a team in place or an interest in starting one. An online search may also be helpful, as some teams share contact information through websites and social media pages.

Programs at a glance

Starting a team requires resources and commitment! If you aren't sure if your school or community offers FLL, FTC, or FRC, you can reach out to local program contacts to determine if there are community teams that accept students from any school or district.



Don't go it alone! Find resources such as local program delivery partners and businesses that can help.


Enlist others to help. Adult coaches and mentors are necessary to the success of each and every FIRST team.


Register and pay! This locks in your official team number. Register for FLL and FTC by August and FRC by October.


Build your team. Whether you need more students or more funding, there are resources to help.


Get started! You're ready to dive in and meet as a team. It's time to learn new skills and build that robot.

Questions? Get in touch with local leadership:

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