Location Information

  • The event takes place at the Eastern States Exposition (aka The Big E) located on Memorial Ave in West Springfield, MA

  • The competition takes place in the Coliseum and the pits are located in the Stroh Building next door.

  • The venue can seat 5000 spectators.

What does every team need to bring?

  • Driver/Coach/Technician/Safety Pins from your District Event.  Pins are not reprinted for DCMP

  • Safety Glasses for all team members

  • A minimum of 10ft heavy duty extension cord to get power from outlet to your pit table

  • A printed team roster

  • For 2022: Masks for all team members and a health attestation form for your team.

Parking Information

  • For 2022: Parking is free for all teams.  In future years, parking may cost a small fee per vehicle.

  • Cars may enter via

    • Gate 1 or Gate 9

  • Buses and oversized vehicles

    • Gate 1​

    • NOTE: If you follow Google Maps, it will suggest you take a left (onto River St) which is a low clearance bridge.  Advise that you look at alternate directions before departure.

  • Attendants will direct you where to park and where trailers may be left during the event.​

  • An overview map is available here: 

Food Information

  • Food and drinks are available for sale in the Coliseum under Section 18.  Their planned hours are:

    • Wednesday 5-8PM​

    • Thursday 7AM-7PM

    • Friday 7AM-7PM

    • Saturday 7AM-5PM

  • Teams may bring in their own food or order from local restaurants

  • Teams are encouraged to eat outside whenever possible

Robot Load-in/Load-out

  • Vehicles with robots and pit materials to unload must enter through GATE 1 and proceed as directed to W Road

  • Teams queue on W Road until they are directed to proceed to an unload lane.

  • Proceed to an unload lane and start moving equipment in through the bay door in the Stroh

  • Drivers may not leave their vehicle unattended at any time.  

  • As soon as the team is unloaded, driver should proceed to parking to make room for the next team in the queue.

  • During Load-out, teams should move materials outside (weather-permitting) and then their vehicle should enter the loading lane as to not backup traffic.

Machine Shop

  • The event machine shop is provided by NASA.  Capabilities/tools include:

  • TBD

  • The machine shop is located between the Coliseum and Stroh buildings

Other Venue Information

  • We encourage teams to hang their banners around the 'boards' i.e. the wooden border around the inner part of the arena.

    • Please hang banners with non-marking tape​

  • There will be a tent covering the walkway between the arena and pit area.  It will have a minimum height of 8', although the venue doors are slightly shorter for robots to pass through.  

  • The floor of the Coliseum is hard-packed dirt.  Ram board will cover major areas to prevent tracking dirt onto field areas.  

Team Loading for World Championship in Houston

  • Crates will be provided for teams to pack their robots in.  

  • Crate will be approximately 4'x4'x5', the maximum dimension allowed by FedEx​

  • Each team will have TWO free crates up to 400lbs each to ship on the FedEx truck.  Note that the weight of the crate must be accounted for in the 400lbs.

  • Anything over 400lb will cost the team $114 per 100lbs.  For example, 401-500lbs would cost $114.  501lbs would cost $228, etc.  The cost is not scaled or prorated.

  • The provided crates will belong to the teams, so they may utilize any means to secure items inside the crate.

  • Teams will have access to an additional truck to pack items outside the provided crates.  The cost of this truck will be split among the teams using it, approximately $1000/team.  For more info, contact 

  • Teams who are competing at DCMP and then proceeding to Worlds

  • Plan to keep your materials in the pit area until the event is complete.​

  • Teams who are not competing at DCMP but just need to load equipment for Worlds

  • Plan to arrive at the Stroh Building at 4PM on Saturday if you need to crate or palletize your robot and pit on-site.

  • Plan to arrive at the Stroh Building at 5PM if your robot/pit are ready to load directly onto the truck.  ​​

  • Robots and Pits will be loaded through the Young Building.  A forklift and pallet jacks will be available to aid in moving items.

  • All teams should be prepared to clearly label their team numbers on their crates or additional items.  On arrival in Houston, crates will be delivered directly to team pits.