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Go for launch: the new

Welcome to our new website! Launching in time for the 2022 Lunar New Year, the goal of this iteration of is to tell our district story and become a go-to resource for our community.

It is important that we put our best foot forward with a homepage that reaches audiences unfamiliar with FIRST and NE FIRST. The excitement of what we do as a district comes across in a video highlighting teams across all programs. Thank you to Volunteer of the Year Jim Gorham for providing a version of the 2020 Virtual Showcase video, capturing the spirit of in-person competitions.

Whether a new visitor starts with an age range, program, or local community in mind, they can follow a call-to-action and reach the right person to help them through next steps. Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and safety are highlighted.

If you are already a part of our amazing community, there is a page for you: team members and mentors, alumni, and volunteers all have a home here. We'll grow our community with new teams and extend our reach through generous sponsorships and online donations.

And, maybe most importantly, we built a full calendar of events, able to be filtered by program and copied to each program and state page to make it easy to know what is going on in our district.

We are always looking for more images and district-wide news, and we're still working to optimize your experience. If you can't find something, notice a typo, want to add an FAQ or have pictures to share with us, please use this feedback form.

Thank you for visiting!


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