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February FIRST! A new vision and strategic plan for our district

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Dear FIRST Family, Happy New Year and a warm NE FIRST welcome to 2023!

For me, a new year always brings hope and optimism. I recently read a letter from Mary Barra, CEO at General Motors, talking about the fundamentals of leadership and accountability as we enter 2023. I wish to share her focus that sticking to the fundamentals is important and will be key to how I will continue to lead in 2023 and beyond.

Three fundamentals that Mary highlights are:

  • taking charge of your culture

  • staying focused and flexible

  • winning with integrity!

I am no longer new to NE FIRST, however I still have much to learn. I feel proud that I am part of a very active district! We had fun with WE ARE NE FIRST flags in Houston, visiting FLL Explore, FLL Challenge, FTC and FRC teams present. Please share thoughts on how we can bring all New England teams together in 2023, both home and away: in your own state, at the growing District Championship and at the FIRST World Championship.

The NE FIRST Board leadership has written a strategic plan covering 2022–25. The new vision in New England: “To prepare a generation capable of solving the world’s most complex and critical problems.”

Our leadership team wishes to invite our entire FIRST community to participate in upcoming town hall meetings to meet our board members and hear about the critical success factors that make up our new strategic plan.

Update: The first FRC Town Hall of the 2023 season was hosted on February 16, 2023! The recording is available here.

Download PDF • 218KB

Our New England community is what we need to support and our NE FIRST values and behavior will guide our decision-making. It is our desire to create that trust with our families, volunteers and students. I wish you all a productive and successful and healthy year!

Thank you,


Michael Fantom

Executive Director, NE FIRST



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