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2023 Pine Tree District Event Announcement

Hello NE FIRST community,

On behalf of all of NE FIRST, it is with great disappointment that we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the Pine Tree District Event that was to be held in March 2023.

This is not what our plan was for our district as we thought about the 2023 season. We are extremely appreciative of the Pine Tree Planning Committee and their continued level of excellence throughout this process. We have witnessed their Gracious Professionalism as we made this difficult decision. Mount Blue High School was a tremendous partner and FRC team 6153, The Blue Crew, were preparing to work hard to be the host team this spring. Thank you to both Mount Blue High School and The Blue Crew for all of their efforts to plan this event.

When we made our team forecast for the 2023 season, we had planned to have more teams participate. Because we didn't reach our goal, we did not have enough participating teams to make the Pine Tree Event viable. An event is viable at 28 teams; Pine Tree only has 18 teams registered, even after the first few days of third play registration.

We are committed to growing the FIRST Robotics Competition presence across the district,